The person was constantly having brain seizures, a shocking truth revealed in the report

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Sometimes such incidents happen to people, which also surprises the doctors. In China too, a similar shocking incident occurred with a man. 46-year-old Zhu Jongfa, who lives here, was suffering from frequent brain attacks, after which he was rushed to the hospital. When his MRI scan was done there, the doctors were also shocked after seeing the report.


प्रतीकात्मक तस्वीर

Indeed, more than 700 parasitic tapeworms were found in Zhu's body, which had reached his brain and kidneys. According to the report, tapeworm eggs first reached the stomach and then spread throughout the body through blood. Doctors said that these tapeworms had reached Zhu's body through undercooked pork and their number was steadily increasing.

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According to doctors, Zhu was suffering from a disease called Taeniasis, which is caused by tapeworm Tinea Solium infection. According to media reports, Zhu reported that he had eaten pork a month earlier, but did not know whether it was fully cooked or not. Zhu is a labourer by profession.

प्रतीकात्मक तस्वीर

Doctors said that a person suffering from this disease gets a high headache, dark patches in front of eyes, seizures and forgetfulness. Sometimes the symptoms of this disease appear a few weeks after infection.

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According to Huang Jianrong, a doctor at the hospital affiliated to the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Doctors has given Zhu antiparasitic drugs which have eradicated tapeworms and its larvae from his body. Presently, treatment is going on to reduce its effect on his body.

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