The impact of global warming: 2014 to 2023 decade may be the hottest

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Scientists estimate that the decade of 2014 to 2023 can be the hottest in the records of 150 years. It is also suspected that for the next five years, the global average temperature of the surface of the earth will be above one degree Celsius above the level of temperature prior to industrialization.

These data released by the UK Department of Meteorology include data from different sources. It also includes the latest publication of temporary data for 2018. Annual global average temperature records are available since 1850.

Adam Skaef, head of the long term estimates of the UK Meteorological Department, said, "2015 was the first year when the global annual average temperature was more than one degree Celsius above the temperature level of industrialization, and in the subsequent three years the temperature remained close to this level. "

Skaef said, "The global average temperature is expected to increase from now to 2023, which may possibly make this decade to be the hottest decade in 150 years of records."

Last year was recorded as the fourth warmest year in the world. Prior to that, 2015, 2016 and 2017, there were three hot years in record for 169 years.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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