Researchers Claim - Women's brain is Much More younger than Men's brain

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Researchers at Washington University claims that women's brains are more younger than men. Men's brain is 2.4 years older than their age, so that women's brain is 3.8 years younger than their age. This figure was found to be more accurate in the age of 20 years.

This research was published in the National Academy of Science magazine. It was done on 205 people It has been tried to know how the brain uses sugar glycolysis during the aerobic glycolysis process. This process plays a vital role in the development of the brain. This process becomes slow with age.

During the research, 121 women and 84 men of 20 to 82 years were examined. It was discovered that the circulation of oxygen and glycolysis in their brain is so much and how much sugar is used in different parts of the brain. With the help of Artificial Intelligence in research, it was also learned that on the basis of metabolism, what is the relationship between women and men's mind and age.

According to Manu Goyal, Assistant Professor of Washington University, the goal of scientists is to know what the different factors related to sex have affect on the brain's age. How It Causes Brain Disease. He said that through brain metabolism, it will be helpful in understanding the changes that appear in the age of men and women.

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