Pongal 2019: Why and how to celebrate Pongal, know about Makar Sankranti and Lohri’s connection with Pongal

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Internet desk| Pongal is a major festival of Tamil Hindus, which is celebrated every year on 14/15 January. It can be compared to ‘Navann’ which is celebrated for harvesting. Pongal in Tamil means, ebullient or vibration. This festival is traditionally devoted to prosperity, in which rain, sunshine and farming cattle are worshiped to bring prosperity. The history of this festival is a thousand years old and it is celebrated enthusiastically by Tamilians living in other parts of the country besides Tamils ​​living in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, America, Canada, Singapore and many other places. Often all government institutions in Tamil Nadu remain off on this day.

Relation between Makar Sakranti, Lohri and Pongal

The day of January 14 is celebrated in the name of Makar Sankranti in northern India, which is about the departure of the Sun towards Makar Line. It is called Uttarayan in Gujarat and Maharashtra, whereas the same day is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka (these three states are related to Tamil Nadu) in the name of Sankranti. In Punjab, it is celebrated in the name of Lohri. The festival of Pongal in Tamil Nadu state of south India is welcomed in the different capacities of the Sun in Capricorn. Worshiping the sun as the donor of food wealth, this festival is considered for four days.

The significance of Pongal can also be estimated from this fact that this festival goes on for four days. Every day Pongal has different names. It starts from January.

Bhogi pongal

The first pongal is called bhogi pongal, which is dedicated to Devraj Indra. This is called bhogi pongal because Devaraj Indra is considered to be a God of pleasure in luxury. In this evening people bring their old clothes from garbage and gather them at one place and burn them. It shows respect for God and the feeling of the end of evils. Around this fire, young people play Kottam all night long.

Surya Pongal

The second pongal is called Surya o Sun Pongal. This is God's request to the sun. On this day, a special type of kheer called Pongal is made, which is made from moong dal and jaggery prepared with fresh paddy in pottery. After pongal preparation, special worship of sun deity is offered and it is offered in prasad form to pongal and sugarcane.

Mattoo Pongal

The third pongal is called Mattoo Pongal. According to Tamil beliefs, Mattoo is Lord Shankar's bull, which is due to a mistake; Lord Shankar said on earth to produce food for human beings and from then on living on earth, is helping the human beings in agricultural work. On this day farmers shower their bulls. They put oil in their horns and decorate the oxen in other ways. They are worshiped after decorating the hair. With oxen, cow and calves are also worshiped on this day. Some people even know it by name as Kenu Pongal, in which the sisters worship their brothers for the prosperity of their brothers and the brothers give gifts to their sisters.

Kanya Pongal

Kanya Pongal is celebrated on the last day of this four-day festival, which is also called by the name of Tiruvallur. This day the house is decorated. They decorate their doors, and make ‘torans’ made by mango and coconut leaves. On this day, women make kolam i.e. Rangoli in the house on the main door. On this day Pongal is celebrated with great pomp. People wear new clothes and send Pongal and sweets to each other’s house. Battle of bulls is held only on the day of Pongal which is quite famous. At night people organize a communal feast and wish each other a happy year.

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