If she is not working in films then she can choose this profession

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Kalki was born on January 10, 1984 in Puducherry, India. His father Joel and Mother Fensioj Armande are originally from France. Kalki Maurice is from Kochlin's family who played a key role in designing the Eiffel Tower. they were one of the designers who design the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

She has also worked in theater in her early stages. Apart from this, she has also been seen in many commercials. Kalki knows many languages like Hindi, English, French and Tamil very well.

Kalki's debut film was,Dev D., was based on Sarat Chandra's Novell Devdas. This was the film that gave Kalki Koechlin the place in Bollywood.

Kalki has won National Award and Filmfare Award for her performance. She also received Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in her debut film Dev D. Apart from this,Kalki won the National Award for the superb performance in the film, Margaretta with a Stra, .

Kalki is very well known for religious nature.If Kalki was not an actress then she would have been a criminal psychologist.

It is also a fact that after the Dev D, for about 1.5 years, she has no other films. Kalki likes to visit places like Leh, Ladakh and Manali.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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