Happy Propose Day 2019: Propose your Love with these Romantic Ways to Say I LOVE YOU

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Internet Desk| Valentine Week has started. Propose Day is on 8th February. This day gives you a special chance to say what your heart feels and an opportunity to say your heart out with proposing someone who is very special to you.

This proposal enhances even more when you put your best efforts and do this in a special way. So lets make some different planning that will help you to make your Love’s Mood happy.

Learn More Ideas-

- Go away from the crowded area. Go to a different theme restaurant, park, and party, on Long Trip or away from the city, where no one knows you both. Express your love by going to such a place.

- If you have a passion to write poetry then things become easier. Write a poem for them. If not, write some lines of your favorite poet, do some poetry. When you both are sitting together in silence, give your poetry to her and ask her to read her with the feel of your emotions, after she completes the reading put your feelings and emotions then in front of her.

If you are both working or doing some job then the best way is to go to the Candle Light Dinner at night after working throughout the day. Go there and talk your heart out in a romantic atmosphere.

- Go to a party or do get-together with friends, propose her in front of everyone and say your heart out loud. This will definitely make her feel immensely special.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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