Happy Hug Day 2019: Why should we hug 8 times a day? Know 8 Reasons for this

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Internet Desk| Many researches on hugging has proved that a ‘Jaadu ki Jhhappi’ can actually do magic to your health. Hugging your partner gives healthy benefits in many ways. Several surveys have come up, which show how a hug is a magic and beneficial in curing diseases.

Especially loneliness, depression, and stress gets benefit from this. That is, any person or partner who is suffering from these things, he/she can overcome from loneliness, depression, stress. On February 12, Hug Day is celebrated under the Valentine's Day, and on this day, the participants hug each other to express their love to their partner. Let's tell you what are the benefits of hugging 8 times a day. This report is based on many researches.

  1. According to the survey, deep hug increases blood circulation in your body. During the hug, the feeling of closeness makes your love stronger.
  2. According to the University of California, hugging to your loved ones relief in pain. As well as holding hands also reduces the pain.
  3. Hugging is beneficial for the heart and it is not less than a great way of keeping the heart healthy. So if you want to keep yourself healthy then never stop hugging your loved ones.
  4. During hugging, the blood circulation of the body gets faster and the risk of blood pressure and heart disease is less.
  5. Hug brings warmness in relationships between partners. Trust in relationships becomes strong. The sense of trust and security in the mind is awakened.
  6. Hug makes your mood right. If your mood is bad for some reason then it does not seem to be okay after hugging.
  7. Hug makes the partner's immune system are strong. During the process hug, there is a discharge of hormones that increase your blood cells that make you healthy and stress free.
  8. Hug also relaxes the body muscles. It also keeps blood circulation in the body.

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