FestivalSthan Bikaner: Befall here to scrutinize the Camel Race, Dance and funtivities in Desert, all just at ‘Bikaner Camel Festival’

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Bikaner is the place where, the ethos of Rajasthan resides. Bikaner is famous for its culture and tradition. This place is better known for its deserted atmosphere, which gives the pure and sterling feel of heritage, which is what Rajasthan is known for across the globe.

Bikaner has a two-day Camel Festival organized every year, which is the unrivalled attraction of tourists from all corners of the world. Bikaner Camel Festival is organized by the Department of Tourism, Art & Culture of the Rajasthan Government, which is held every year in January. This year, in 2019, the festivities will start on 12th January and conclude on 13th January.The prides of this celebration are: brightly decorated ships of desserts’ camels, while the culture of Rajasthan is its prestige. This Festival is one of the magnificent and interesting traditional festivals of the country. During this festival, many programs are organized, where many people around the world visit here, and experience the joy and live the royalty here, along with that, they escapade with many fun activities like: camel race, camel games, and many other cultural games. Tourists enjoy here the eye-catching displays of camels dressed in some bright and vibrant bridles, traditional necklace and heavy anklets showing off wonderful footwork to the lovely tunes on desert sands.

International Camel Festival

Camels and the Bikaner have a long back relation. It is said that Rao Bika Ji, the founder of Bikaner city, started nurturing the camel species in Bikaner. Also, Camels here are trained for the army as well.

Such camels are called 'Ganga Risala' and even today there is a troop in the Indian Army that works to protect the border with the camel. The state government has given this animal the proud status as ‘State Animal’; this has escalated its dignity and even its duty.

Two-day festival attraction

The two-day fair will start with the colourful parade of the beautifully adorned camels. On this occasion, cultural events will also attract tourists from the cultural spectrum of various parts of the country along with Rajasthani art and culture. The presentation of Agni Dances on the Vandana and Blazing Angars of Jasnathji Sampradaya will present Raghunath Siddha and party of Malasar village. Apart from these, fireworks on both the days of festival will enthrall the tourists present here.

The Bikaner Camel Fair gives you an opportunity to indulge into the unique camel milk sweetmeats and camel milk tea. The local Rajasthani dishes appétit to all the food lovers. Check out the stalls in the markets which offer exquisite handicrafts, jewelry, pottery and rare delights.

On the first day of the festival, arrangements for free camel safaris and camel rides will be arranged for tourists in Raisar village, 15 km from Bikaner. After this, there will be competitions for camel dance, Miss Marvan and Mr. Bikana.

Bikaner Festival tickets

Everyone can participate in this colorful and enchanting festival of Bikaner. No passes or tickets are required here.

Tips: Keep warm clothes and Places to visit here

To join this celebration, that is to be held in January, take warm clothes along with you, because during this time Bikaner actually gives very shivering evening, as at the time of evening, the cold here increases. Also, do not forget to have sunscreen lotions for skin protection.

You might want to explore some of the city’s other attractions. Then, let us tell you that there is the Junagarh Fort, Junagarh Fort also has a beautiful museum within its precincts.

Also, Deshnok Karni Mata Temple, which is dedicated to Karni Mata and is famous as the temple where rats are venerated. Be sure to enjoy Camel Safari! If you have come so far, then do not forget to visit Karani Mata Temple. This temple has a lot of believe. Here rats are considered to be the mother's beloved and they are also worshiped.

Bhandasar Jain Temple is an excellent Jain architecture dedicated to Sumatinath, the fifth Tirthankara of Jainism. Prachina Cultural Centre & Museum is one of the main storehouses of the historical objects and ancient artifacts of Bikaner.


Every city of Rajasthan has its own history and tradition, so the tourists' mobilization can be seen here annually. Bikaner's embroidered moccasin or leather products, everything has its own different specialty. Here, Rangi Chunari, Antique Piece, Cotton Fabrics, Lac Bangles and Folk Art, rustic jewelleries, exquisite handicrafts, and handmade potteries are very famous.

How to reach

By Air:

If you are traveling by air, the nearest airport to Bikaner is Jodhpur. The distance between the two venues is 235 kilometers. From here on national and international flights the city is connected to the whole world. After reaching the airport, you can easily reach Bikaner via road transport.

By Train:

Bikaner can also be reached via rail route. Trains are available for Bikaner from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur and other cities of the country.

By Road:

If you are thinking of going by road, then there are transportation facilities for every city in Rajasthan for Bikaner. Road transport is also connected to Bikaner from all major cities of Delhi and the country.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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