Do not wash your hair daily in winters; know some great tips for your hair, this winter

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Lifestyle| As the winters begin, the relativity problems start with the skin, while the hair becomes dry and damaged. Washing your hair with the hot water is the main reason for so this problem. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the hair in the cold.

Now you must be wondering how to do this. Either by oiling or changing the shampoo We are giving you the answers to these questions, such tips that will work to help in hair care during winters.

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Samay Dutta and Paul Mitchell India's trainer P. Jagadish, director of 'Noir' (luxury blow bar), has given these easy tips to keep hair healthy and shiny in winter-

* Once a week, massage the scalp with a hot coconut oil or almond oil at a time, it improves blood circulation. Hair roughness gets away and makes our hair healthy in the winter season.

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* Trimming of hair is meant to be appropriate in cold weather. Cold winds make hair stiff and lifeless, causing problems for hair breakdown and two-folds. By doing trimming in winters, you won’t face these problems in cold season.

* As we all know that conditioning after hair shampoo is essential for hair. During the winter, you should be careful about hair conditioning; this will not make your hair rough.

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* Avoid washing hair everyday in winter. By washing the hair daily, the natural oil in the head gets away and your hair becomes unhealthy and lifeless without moisture. To get rid of entangled hair, you should wash your hair for twice in a week.

* Cover your hair as much as possible in the winter months; otherwise the hair may be rough and unhealthy. Make hairstyles using ‘bun’, ‘wigs’, and use scarf on head to save your hair from pollution an dirt.

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