6 Ways To Make Sex More Intense, Fun And Intimate

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Connecting with someone romantically, emotionally, and physically can be really amazing. It builds a strong relation between couple that is not going to break so easily. Making physical relations is really fun as well as its a step to take your relation to further level. But having sex its not all about just making physical relations instead One should to make her/his partner comfortable. Going without sex just because you aren’t sure how to make the move can make you frustrated and angry with your partner. it takes work, and both of you have to be willing to put in the effort. Here are some tips for building a healthy relationship:

1. Define What Intimacy Means To You

The first thing you need to do is to talk about intimacy. What exactly do you mean by intimacy? what is the intensity? Different couple have different meaning for intimacy. These words are so powerful. Talk about the moments before and after sex you both have spent together. Foreplay and afterplay plays a major role if you want to get close to your partner.

2. Talk During Sex

As we mentioned above that sex is not all about making physical relations. Try to make your partner feel comfortable.Talk with each other while making physical relations. Tell them what you want them to do to you. Tease them, and make them beg you to give them what they want. Describe your partner how do you feel when your partner kisses you or touches you.

3. Make Eye Contact

Remarkably few people make sustained eye contact with each other during sex. Making eye contact with your partner is one of the fastest paths to more intimacy. May be You feel shy, so try gradually building up to longer periods of contact. Once you feel confident try to make eye contact as long as you can it will help you to reach the satisfaction level of orgasm!

4. Breathe Together

During sex try breathing together. You both just try to synchronize your breath for a few moments. Look in each other's eyes will help you make more intense. Place your hand on partner's heart to check how fast their heart is beating.

5. Make A Plan to Try One New Sex Position a Month

The Kama Sutra exists for a reason so you must take advantage of it. Try position that your partner will love. Although it does include 64 sex acts, you can choose different one when you are having sex with your partner.

6. Tease Each Other

Teasing is awesome. Whether you do it with facial expressions or in a more hands-on way, it gives fuel to the sexual fire.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures