When the American MP said, 'I was also born in the same state of India, where you were born'

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Tech News| The CEO of Google, the world's largest search engine, appeared before the US Congress in the matter of privacy breach of data, the first woman MP of Indian origin Pramila Jaipal did not stop herself from sharing her relation with him. She said that she was born in the state of India to which Pichai belongs.

Both Jaipal and Pichai are related to the Tamil Nadu state of India and both are on eminent posts in two separate areas today. While Jaipal (53) is a member of the US House of Representatives, Pichai (46) is the CEO of the largest search engine in the world, Google. Jaipal and Pichai were both born in Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai. While Jaipal reached the US as a student, Pichai started working with Google in 2004 after taking education from IIT Kharagpur. He was appointed CEO of Google in 2015.

Both Jaipal and Pichai came here on the H-1B visa. Then they got green card and then American citizenship. When Pichai appeared before the US Congress for hearing on Tuesday, Jaipal said, "I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to tell that I was born in the same part of India where you were born. I am very happy to see you lead the world's leading company. It shows how much the migrants are contributing to this country. Thank you pachai.”

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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