What did James Mattis do for me ... I was not satisfied, so removed as Defense Minister: Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed that he has removed Defense Minister Jim Matisse. This is exactly the opposite of Matisse's claim that he resigned from his post due to disagreement with Trump on many matters. Addressing the journalists before the cabinet meeting began; Trump attacked the former Defense Minister with a tiring attack.

Along with Trump, caretaker Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan was also sitting. While expressing regret over the ongoing security crisis in Afghanistan and the American spending in a war-torn country, Trump said, "What did Matisse do for me? How did he work in Afghanistan? I am not happy with Matisse work in Afghanistan and there is no reason to be happy. '

The American president said, 'I wish him well.' I hope he will do a good job. But as you know President Obama removed him from the post, I did the same. I want the result. '

It is significant that Matisse resigned from the post of defense minister on December 20 following the order of trump to withdraw US troops from Syria. In his resignation, Matisse indicated signs of not agreeing with Trump on many matters.

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