Trump refrain on border wall construction, warned of declaring National Emergency

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International| US President Donald Trump is stuck on funding for wall construction on the US-Mexico border. Due to this, the country is undergoing a system of work, which is its third week. Apart from this, Trump has also warned to declare a National Emergency in case of failure of funding.

However, coming out of the White House to Camp David on discussions with officials, Trump said on Sunday, 'We will build the wall. We are truing, that this wall will become of steel." Trump said, 'This is a security issue. This is the issue of security of the country. We have no other option."

Let us tell you that in the US, labor law is continuing since December 22, so far 8,00,000 federal employees have not been paid. Earlier, there was no special progress in the first round of talks between the White House and the Congress (US Parliament) officials to end the stalemate from the government's stalling of work in the United States. Both sides are accusing each other of leaving the scope to move forward. There may be further discussions between the two sides on this issue.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the dialogue was interrupted as the Democrats were trying to send the bills to reopen the agencies. This will be the first Treasury Department to ensure that people get their tax return. Trump tweeted on Saturday, "There has not been much progress today."

Democrats say that the White House has not accepted the demand of $ 5.6 billion President to build a wall near the US-Mexico border. The White House said that the funds were not discussed in depth. But the administration's stand on resolving the need for wall and resolving the issue of functioning at one go is clear. Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulveni accused Democrat members of an interview to CNN that they are only meant to create obstacles.

Let us tell you that Trump say that $ 5.6 billion is needed for wall construction because we are not talking about the game, we are talking about national security. This is the problem of terrorists. Donald Trump is demanding $ 5 billion for the construction of the wall on the US, Mexico border so that the borders of the country can be protected from illegal immigrants, but the Democrats are opposing it. Due to this standoff, the work is continuing with the budget. On Sunday, the 16th day of government shutdown, due to which, nearly 80,000 federal employees have not been paid so far.

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