These countries of the world do not have any army

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The strength of a country in the world is gauged by its military strength. In this context, if a country has several soldiers and has modern weapons, the same country is considered as the strongest army in the world. The country's military strength creates a sense of security among the people of the country.


But you might not know that in this way there are many countries in the world which do not have an army of their own, but only the police there handles all these tasks. It is worth noting that Europe has the highest number of such countries.

Tuvalu is a country where you will not get security at all. It is a very small country by area.

One such country is the European country Andorra, whose responsibility for security is in the hands of Spain and France. Besides, Costa Rica, a country in Central America, also has no army of its own. So Samoa does not even have its army.

Dominica: Due to some odd military activities in 1981, this country abandoned the army. Now the police here handle these tasks.

Grenada: Due to the US invasion, the government here in 1983 permanently removed the army from its territory and handed over the security and surveillance work to the Regional Security System.

Iceland: There is no army in the country since 1869. Iceland is a member of the NATO organization and has signed its security agreement with the United States.

Mauritius: Mauritius also has no army of its country. The personal force, composed of 10,000 police personnel, oversees and supervises the security of the law.

Monaco: This country separated Army Power in the 17th century. As far as security is concerned, 2 small military units are always active here.

Lichtenstein: The reason for removing the army from this country was economic. The government here was not able to bear the expenses of the army, but in the event of war, the organization of the army is included in the policy of this country.

Haiti: Since 1995, this country has been facing every situation without military force. Although the number of such countries in the world is around 22, most of them have given the responsibility of their safety to such countries which previously ruled these countries.

Source:- UC News

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