The woman did a strange act inside the plane, there was a panic among the passengers

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The strange movements of passengers inside aeroplanes often remain in the headlines on social media. One such peculiar act was done by a woman from China, after which all the passengers boarded the plane. A post on the social media of this incident is also going viral, after reading it you will also be surprised.


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According to the information, let us tell you that this incident is on 23 September. The woman was sitting in a Xiamen Airlines plane heading to Wenzhou city from Wuhan, China, but soon after she suddenly felt nervous, after which she opened the emergency gate of the plane to get 'fresh air'.During this time, a passenger sitting near the woman asked her not to do so and also tried to stop, but she did not listen and opened the door.

As the woman did this, all the other passengers in the plane got nervous and immediately informed the cabin crew. The cabin crew then alerted the police. According to 'The Sun', the woman was arrested by the police after taking her off the plane. The plane took off about an hour after the incident. At present, there is no information about the action taken by the airlines against the woman, but it is believed that an indefinite ban can be imposed on her for this act.

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