The American Senate passes resolution against Trump, will stop this big decision

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America's President Donald Trump has suffered another major setback. The US Senate has passed an important resolution with the overwhelming majority against President Donald Trump's decision to recall soldiers from Syria and Afghanistan. In favor of this proposal, Trump's own Republican Party MPs also voted which clarifies the differences within the political party.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate placed the proposal on the floor of the House. He said last week that in this resolution, "the clear thing will be accepted that al-Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliated organizations in Syria and Afghanistan are a serious threat to our country."

The proposal passed with a heavy majority. 70 votes were cast in favor of the proposal while 26 votes in the opposition. Only three of the 53 Republican Senators of the House opposed it. In the end, this amendment will be changed to a broader security law regarding South-West Asia.

According to this, the US says that after recalling the army from either of the two countries, we can lose the hand and can put America's national security in jeopardy. In December, Trump had tweeted that America's 2,000 soldiers had been recalled from Syria, in which it was argued that the Islamic State Group i.e. ISIS has been won.

However, last week US intelligence chiefs reported that these Jihadi groups still remain a serious threat and are in a hurry to spread their feet. Along with Democrats, many prominent Republican senators have also been criticizing Trump's move.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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