Sultan of Oman locked this in an envelope before death, know the biggest secret of his life

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Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed Al Said of Oman died on Saturday at the age of 79 after a long illness. But he still left a question as to who will succeed him.


He ruled Oman for nearly 50 years. Oman made tremendous progress under his rule. He is also credited with creating Modern Oman. There is a wave of mourning in Kaban bin Saeed in Oman.

People there are also under suspense amid a wave of mourning over death. The reason for the suspense is the envelope that Kabus bin Saeed left before his death.

What has Sultan written in that envelope

Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed has no child because of he never married. The envelope which the Sultan has left is the name of the envelope that will be his successor. This envelope remained only with the deceased sultan, in whom he named the heir's name.

Successor name sealed in an envelope

This envelope is kept in the palace of Muscat. It is said that there is also a second envelope. He is placed in the palace of Salalah, a southern part of Oman. In that too, the Sultan has left the name of his successor.

How will the new sultan be chosen

By the rules of the succession of the Sultanate, the Royal Family Council must now elect a new Sultan. If the council of 50 male members fails to agree on a successor, the envelope left by Sultan Qaboos will be opened.

Whichever late Sultan will be named as his successor, he will be chosen as the new heir.

For nearly five decades, Sultan Qaboos completely dominated Oman's political life, home to 4.6 million people, of whom about 43% are expatriates.

This is how modern Oman was built

At the age of 29, he removed his father who was a very conservative ruler. His father banned many things, including listening to the radio or wearing sunglasses, and also deciding who could marry, get educated, or leave the country. Sultan Qaboos immediately announced that he intended to use oil money to establish a modern government and develop the country, where at that time there were only 10 km (six miles) of paved roads and three schools. From then on Oman began to develop and Oman became a powerful country.


Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures