Six people Killed as Car Ploughs into crowd in China, Police shoot driver

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BEIJING - Chinese police shot dead the driver of a car on Friday after he plowed his car into a crowd, killing six people and injuring at least seven others, state television reported. The car was so uncontrollable.

Seven people, including the perpetrator have been killed in Hubei, China at 6 a.m. Friday local time.The place where this incident took place was a very crowded area. After the incident, the police has now surrounded the area and the injured are being taken to the hospital. The local police is now finding out about the driver.

The person had deliberately driven the people but the report did not elaborate on the motive behind the morning incident in Zaoyang city of central province of Hubei.

China has witnessed many such attacks in recent years, whereindividuals with seemingly heavy personal pressure have attacked crowded places, buses and even children in schools.

On Thursday,The explosion occurred on Thursday in Yancheng, East China. In which 44 people died.

Significantly, there have been many such incidents occurred in China in the last few days. Whether it is an explosion in a chemical plant or a car accident. Due to suspicious activities in some parts of western China, concerns of local administration has been increasing.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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