Russia: 11-month-old child found under rubble was safely rescued 35 hours later

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International| It is said that one is protected by God cannot be harmed by anyone. One such case has been seen from Russia, where even an 11-month-old child survived after being buried in debris after 35 hours. There was a blast in a building which caused some part of it to collapse and a child was buried in the tragedy. After hard work, the child was taken out of the rubble safe after about 35 hours; it was no less than a miracle.

On Monday, there was an explosion due to gas leaks in a 10-storey building, which damaged 48 flats. 7 people were killed in the accident while 36 people were missing.

The temperature in Russia's Magnitogorsk is around -17 degrees Celsius. The child was concealed in the wreck for a long time, due to which his condition worsened and injury found on his head. The attempts of saving the child began when his voice was heard crying. Immediately after the baby was expelled from the debris, child was taken for treatment.

An official said that they were waiting for the child to be taken out safely and finally this became a miracle. They told that after seeing the child alive, rescue team’s eyes became wet. The baby's mother is also safe in this accident.

After the child was rescued, a video has been released on social sites, showing that after saving the child, the rescue team staff wrapped him in a blanket and ran towards the ambulance.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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