Revealed: Pilot smoking in the cabin caused US-Bangla plane crashed

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In the past year, there has been a big disclosure about the plane crash in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. According to the investigation report, the pilot of the aircraft was smoking in his cabin, which was the main cause of the accident. In March last year, the US-Bangla Airlines had been crashed in an accident at the time of landing, in which 51 people lost their lives.

According to the investigation report, the US-Bangla Airlines policy is no smoking. In spite of this, Flight's Pilot In Command was smoking during the flight. It was revealed to the cockpit voice recorder of Flight.

The report made it clear that the incident which took place in March 2018 was only due to the mistake of the crew. Not only this, the report not only attributed the aircraft crew but the control tower of Tribhuvan Airport.

It was also clear in the post-mortem report after the accident that most of the passengers were killed due to a severe head injuries, while some passengers died after burning.

It is significant that on March 12, 2018, an accident occurred with the US-Bangla Airlines at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal's capital. At the time of landing, the plane was set on fire, in which 51 people died.

Let us tell you that the plane flew from Bangladesh, Dhaka. When the plane reached Kathmandu's airport, he went out of the runway and crashed into the football field. The US-Bangla Airline is the private airline of Bangladesh. It started in 2013 as a joint venture between the US and Bangladesh.

51 people died in the plane crash, there were 45 passengers, including four aircraft crew members. While two others died later in the hospital during treatment.

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