Rahul Gandhi made 3 major problems in India count: unemployment, poor farmers and intolerance

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International| Addressing the people of Indian origin in Dubai, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that India is currently struggling with three major problems. The first is unemployment. He further said that millions of young people are struggling with the problem of employment. The reason for this is demonetazation and GST. Demonetization snatched away employment from millions of people. After this GST was implemented, in which many people were ruined. We want to keep employment on the front foot. China has overcome the problem of unemployment by increasing the production.

Rahul Gandhi said that India's second biggest problem is that the farmers of the country are in trouble. The farmer is struggling, but they are not able to see their future. We need another Green Revolution to improve the condition of the farmers. Farming requires new technology. Addressing the Indian community, he said that you will know how many farmers are struggling with problems. If the farmer of India succeeds, then India will be successful.

Congress President Rahul, describing the third problem, he said that there is an atmosphere of intolerance in the country. Can you imagine such an India where it is believed that the only theconcerned idea is right and the other is wrong? Even NRIs know that India is being divided into religion, caste; standards of the people live in society, and rich-poor. Can a divided cricket team win? If the batsman does not talk to the bowler, will the captain be successful if he does not talk to the wicketkeeper? Some people say that we need to make India Congress free, but we never talk about liberating India from BJP. Rahul said that the people of India need to come together. Until every state of India will not be strong, India will not be able to strengthen. First we have to think that we are first the Indian then something else.

He said that till my death my eyes and my doors will remain open to you. Congress is preparing Manifesto for the 2019 elections. He told us that we have asked Sam Pitroda to talk to the UAE, Abu Dhabi, America, wherever the NRI is living, know what they want. We will include him in his manifesto. The Manifesto of the Congress of 2019 will be a glimpse of the new India. Your voice will be heard in it.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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