Pulwama attack: Pakistan Tells another lie, Says no terror camps exist on 22 locations shared by India

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Pakistan on Thursday again issued a statement on Pulwama terror attack, and said there is no truth in the evidence those are provided by India. Pakistan says there are no terror camps exist on the locations shared by India.

A press release has been issued on behalf of Pakistan, in which the initial things have been revealed. Pakistan said that it has examined 22 “pin locations” shared by India but there are no terror camps exist and also claimed that there is no links to nail 54 people detained in connection with the Pulwama terror attack.

Pakistan says that India had handed us some papers related to the Pulwama terror attack on February 27, 2019. After this, Pakistan investigated it and took some people into custody. It has been said from the neighboring country that the report submitted by India had 91 pages and there were reports in 6 parts. The report only mentions the second and third part of the Pulwama terror attack.

In this statement from Pakistan, it has been said that during the investigation of the Pulwama attack, we investigated the videos, released by Jaish-e-Mohammed's assailant Adil Dar, and also checked the wattsapp and telegram number. The 90 people and 22 pin locations connected with an institution were also thoroughly examined, which were called training camps.

Pakistan says that any information that comes forward will be shared with India according to the rules. It is clear that once again Pakistan is resorting to lies. The Air Force of India has already informed the nation about the success of the air strikes, apart from that, Pakistan is not letting anyone go to that place even after a month of air strikes.

The whole world knows that Maulana Masood Azhar runs Jaish-e-Mohammad only after staying in Pakistan and executes his terrorist attacks against India

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