Notre Dame fire: Live update, Experts assessed the loss after fire extinguished

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The fire engulfed 850-year-old heritage of the French capital Paris and the Notre Dame in the historic cathedral was now suppressed. Apart from this, the main structure of the cathedral and its two towers has been saved. A fire brigade spokesman has said that the fire is completely under control. It is partially extinguished, it is still completely extinguished.

According to the Fire Chief Jean-Claude Gallett, about 500 firefighters have struggled to save one of the Bell towers from being destroyed. He said that many precious artifacts were saved from the burning cathedral.

The fire ignites around 6.30pm on Monday evening, after which it soon got caught in the brilliant Gothic peak of the cathedral, which was completely burnt down. The place caught fire at a time when Easter preparations were being made in the cathedral. The fire was so frightening that its tone was rising up to the sky, which was left unknowable to the tourists present there.

About 400 personnel of the fire brigade managed to save the next tower despite a considerable loss. Due to flames, the peak fell on one side and fell to the burning ceiling. People saw this horrific scene.

According to CNN, French President Emmanuel Macron praised the firefighters for protecting the front and the towers of the cathedral.

Nevertheless, he regretted the loss that reached the Cathedral. When he announced the International Fund Raging Campaign to raise funds for the repair, the country would be asked to be committed to the reconstruction of Notre Dame together. Apart from this, a site has been launched for online donation.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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