Letter of the Former PM of French on Rafale comes to Media, French Companies had taken full responsibility

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Internet Desk| The new revelations on Rafale have once again led to political assertiveness. In the media, fresh revelations have been claimed that the Prime Minister's Office was interfering in finishing the Rafale Deal from France. Following this news in a newspaper, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has once again said that the watchman is a thief. In Parliament, Congress has demanded formation of JPC in this case.

The Central Government has alleged that it had approved the deal without any sovereign guarantee from the French government. Although, the news agency ANI has issued a letter. This letter was written to PM Narendra Modi on September 8, 2016 by the then Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls. In this letter, the Former Prime Minister of France has written that his government will be bound to accept the terms laid down by the Indian firm.

The then Prime Minister of France wrote to Narendra Modi, "I fully confirm that the Government of the French Republic is committed to doing all that, Dew Aviation and MBDA of France fully fulfills this obligation. Manufacturers should do everything that is necessary to fulfill this agreement between these two governments.”

The former Prime Minister of France wrote in this letter that the French government is fully committed to the fact that French companies fully comply with their obligations. He wrote in the letter, "As it is decided between the talks between the two countries and later the Defense Ministers of both the countries, I would like to convey this to the full commitment of the French government, especially the French industrialists to fulfill their obligations."

Further in this letter it has been written that if the future of French companies is in the process of completing this deal, these companies will have to return all the payments received from the Indian government. In such a situation, the French government will take all necessary steps so that the payments made by the Indian government get back to them as soon as possible.

Let us tell you as soon as the Ministry of Defense appeared in Noting Media. In this note, it was said that the PMO is talking parallel to the French government on Rafale Deal. The noting, in reference to the then Defense Secretary, J. Mohan Kumar, states that the parallel talks conducted by the PMO have weakened the position of the Indian negotiator on Rafale Deal.

Coming to the report, Rahul Gandhi came to press conference with the whole of party members. Rahul said that this new evidence point out that Modi is a criminal of scandal. Rahul said that the PM has given Anil Ambani a benefit of 30 thousand crore. Following the alleged notice of the Ministry of Defense, this letter from the former PM of France came out.

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