Indonesia elections: Joko Widodo looks for 2nd term as President with comfortable win

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According to the initial results of the Presidential election in Indonesia on Wednesday, Joko Widodo looks likely to have secured a comfortable He is ready to take charge of this post again for five years. According to five independent survey groups, Widodo is clearly looking forward to their rivalry against nationalist leader Prabowo Subianto.

Subianto was the army general in Suharto's military rule. These survey organizations have made a quick calculation of votes by taking samples of selected polling booths. Their assessment in the past elections has proved to be trustworthy. The average voting percentage of 80 percent of sample polling stations is 54 to 56 percent. This is a better situation than the percentage of votes they got in 2014. Countries with the highest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia is expected to join the 2030 world's leading economies.

Widodo is the first Indonesian President who does not come from the elite of Jakarta. Addressing his supporters a few hours after the end of the poll, Widodo said that he knows about his victory. He urged the nation that after the division of the election campaign, it will now be united again. He said that we can see all of the exit poll estimates and quick calculations.

But we have to be patient until we announce the official decision by the Election Commission. In 2014, Subianto also lost the presidential election from Viudodo. In Indonesia, more than 19 million voters voted to choose one of the outgoing President Widodo and former army chief Subianto for structural projects.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures