Imran Fears Another Security Conflict With India, Says Indo-Pak Relations to Remains Tense Till Election

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the Indo-Pak relations would remain stressful until the general elections in India are over, because they feared "another misadventure" by Pakistan's eastern neighbour. There is a lot of tension between India and Pakistan after last month's fedayeen terror attack in Pulwama, Kashmir. In response to the Pulwama attack, India had made air raids in Balakot, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, in which several terrorists were claimed to be killed.

Amid mounting outrage, the Indian Air Force carried out air strike, hitting what it said was a JeM training camp in Balakot, deep inside Pakistan on February 26. Later Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed for peace from India and said that mutual relations should not be spoiled due to the general elections.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran has long been speaking that the current government of India is attacking for political advantage. Imran Khan again reiterated this issue on Tuesday and said that war on Hindustan and Pakistan are still on the verge as the Narendra Modi government can do some other 'misery' before the general elections.

He added “The danger is not over. The situation will remain tense till forthcoming general elections in India. We are already prepared to avert any aggression from India.” Imran Khan also said that due to some concerns expressed by the Afghan government, he has postponed his meeting with the Taliban in Islamabad. Last month Taliban had said that one of his delegations would meet with Imran Khan in Islamabad.

Pakistan wants to talk with Taliban for restoring peace in its territory, but circumstances are not good. After the Pulwama terror attack and the air strikes of India in Balakot, there is an atmosphere of tension in this area.

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