Hindi becomes the Third official language of Abu Dhabi’s court

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Taking the historic decision, Abu Dhabi announced Hindi as the third official language after Arabic and English in its courts. This step has been taken to increase access to justice.

The Abu Dhabi Justice Department (ADJD) on Saturday said that it has expanded the medium of language for statements of claims before the courts by including Hindi with Arabic and English in labor matters.

Its purpose is to help Hindi-speaking people learn about the litigation procedures, process of trial, their rights and duties. According to official figures, about two-thirds of the 9 million people in the UAE are overseas migrant people.

Indians account for 30% of the total population

The number of Indian people in the UAE is 26 lakh, which is 30 percent of the total population of the country. It is the largest migrant community in the country. Yousef Saeed al-Abri, Under Secretary of ADJD, said that the motive for implementing multi language for claim sheets, complaints and requests is to promote judicial services on the lines of Plan 2021 and to increase transparency in the process of prosecution.

“A bilingual court will assure clarity, transparency and certainty for non-Arabic parties to a litigation, this is an essential step for improving non-Arabic speaking litigants’ access to justice and for enabling them to make better use of our court services” said Mr. Abri.

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