German Chancellor's data leaked, many other German Leaders also became the victim

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International| Hundreds of German leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel ’s data got leaked and were released online. This information was given by the government on Friday. It was not immediately clear that hackers targeted the leaders or they were leaked internally.

Stolen data includes copies of home address, mobile phone number, letter, bill and identity card, which were published on Twitter in December, but it came to light this week.

Government spokesman Martina Fitz told reporters, "Private data and documents of hundreds of leaders and celebrities have been published on the Internet." They confirmed that data of Chancellor Angela Merkel has also leaked. The government has been taking this incident very seriously.

He said that the affected people include members of the Lower House of Parliament and members of the European Parliament, as well as leaders of regional and local assemblies.

Fitz said that in the initial investigation, it is revealed that sensitive information or data leak has not been done from Chancellor Angela Merkel's office. Nonetheless, the political parties in Berlin have expressed serious concern over this. Leftist parliamentary group chief Dietmar Baher called it an attack on democracy.

Law Minister Katarina Barley released the statement saying, "Whatever is behind it, wants to break the trust in our democracy and its institutions."

In addition to the leaders, personal data has also been leaked of celebrities and journalists, including chat and voicemail messages made from the target audience and children of the targeted people.

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