Emergency may take place anytime in the US; signs given by President Donald Trump

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Washington. Building dispute on the border of Mexico is increasing. The ongoing tension between the US President Donald Trump and the opposition Democratic Party about the construction of the wall is increasing. The US President indicated that he could announce the National Emergency for the purpose of fund raising for this ambitious plan. He has said that the National Emergency is approaching to declare.

Donald Trump has said in a private channel conversation that the wall will be built on the country's southern Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. The President has alleged that the harsh stance of Speaker Nancy Pauli of the House of Representatives is against national interest and she is doing dirty politics.

The American president further said that the Pelosi is stopping the construction of this wall. With their impudent attitude, the country is putting the billions of dollars on the country and it is unimportant. Trump said, 'He is doing a lot of harm to our country, which is not good for the future. Our eyes are towards emergency because I do not think anything is going to happen. They have said in clear words that Democrats do not want border security.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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