DAVOS2019: Raghuram Rajan said- if the 'Gathbandhan' government comes in the country then the economy can slow down

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Between the election atmospheres in the country, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has made a big statement about the government formed after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In a special interview with India Today, Rajan feared that if the 'Gathbandhan' government comes in the country after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections then the economy can slow down. Rajan's statement is seen close to the claim of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which he said that the country needs a 'Mazboot' government not 'Majboor' government.

During the World Economic Forum running in Davos in Switzerland, former RBI governor shared views on the independence of the RBI and the GST or demonetization during the discussion. During this, while giving feedback on the challenges of the Indian economy; he said that there is a need to create an environment conducive to the industries in the country. At the same time, he also gave his side to the new government in the country.

He told that if the coalition government is formed in the country after the 2019 election results then the economy may slow down. At the same time, he also dismissed the discussions about becoming a finance minister in the event of Congress coming to the government. He said that I am not a politician, these are just speculations.

Raghuram Rajan's statement about the coalition government is very important. These statements have come at a time when the other anti- BJP including the Congress, is planning to move to a single stage and go to the election ground to oust the Modi government from power. Also, it is being said on behalf of the opposition parties that after defeating BJP in the elections, they will finalize the prime minister's candidate through talks.

That is, if such a situation is created then the country will get a government with many parties, which Modi calls a 'Majboor' government. However, such a situation may also arise for NDA. If the BJP cannot score well on its own, it can also run the government with the help of other parties. That is, in any case it can happen.

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan made his opinion even on two major economic decisions of the Modi government, GS (Goods and Service Tax) and the demonetization. Where Raghuram Rajan said that GST is a positive step On the other hand, though he did not say anything openly on the Demonetization, it was called a setback, a shock.

This statement of Raghuram Rajan is also important as the Congress has been attacking the Modi government with the help of his name. At the same time, on the pretext of his resignation, the Modi government has been accused of ruining a big institution like RBI. Raghuram Rajan's statements about the economy have also been used by the Congress against the Modi government.

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