Bangladesh Elections: Sheikh Hasina towards big victory, will be PM for the fourth time

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International | Sheikh Hasina, once again looks to win the elections with a big victory, held in the neighboring country, Bangladesh in the general elections. The general elections held in Bangladesh on December 30, will run till Monday night. But Bangladeshi media claims that the ruling Awami League and its allies are getting victory in about 266 seats out of 300 seats here, while the Opposition parties are seem stopping at 20-21 only. Sheikh Hasina will become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the fourth time if the results come in her favour.

Significantly, at least 17 people were killed in the violence related to elections, while the opposition demanded re-election after allegations of fraud. According to local BD News Dot 24, according to the declared results till 11.30 pm, the ruling Awami League has won 119 seats while its Key ally Jatna Party has won 18 seats. The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has secured just two seats.

The EC has so far only received a seat confirmed results of Gopalganj where Sheikh Hasina got 2,29,539 votes while her rival BNP candidate received only 123 votes. Seen the defeat, main opposition of Bangladesh, NUF has rejected the outcome of the general elections and demanded a fair re-election under the caretaker government. The main party in the NUF is BNP.

Elections in 299 seats

According to the Bangladesh Election Commission, elections were held for 299 seats out of 300 parliamentary seats. For this, 1,848 candidates are in the fray, 40,183 polling stations have been set up for elections. Due to the demise of a candidate, no election was held on one seat.

Let us tell you that this is the 11th general elections being held in Bangladesh, there are about 10.41 million official voters in the country. Significantly, Sheikh Hasina's party is considered one of the parties which is seen as leaning towards India, while Khaleda Zia is considered as an India-antagonistic.

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