After the Hanayi summit failure, another talks with Kim Jong agreed to the trump

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International: After the failure of the Hanoi summit, once again US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong agreed to meet him. Recently, between the Trump and Kim Jong, there was a summit in Vietnam's capital Hanai. The news of Trump's meeting with Kim Jong for the third time came at a time when recently US experts claimed that North Korea has sharpened the stir at its nuclear test site. This move by North Korea had worried America's concern.

Between this concern, the White House is indicating that Trump and Kim Jong will have another meeting soon. This initiative of Trump is being linked to this link. However, nothing has been said about the time and place regarding this negotiation. There is no response from North Korea about the news of this talks.

American National Security Advisor John Bolton said referring to the third talks between the leaders of the Danes, that this move of President Trump is appropriate. He said that there is a friendly relationship between the two leaders. Bolton said that on the 26th and 27th February, the Hon'ble talks said that there was such a discussion that the talks were broken between the two leaders. but it's not like that. He said that the President did not only discuss his nuclear program with North Korea in Hanoi, but there have also been significant discussions about arms control with Russia with Russia. National Security Advisor said that whatever happened in Hanoi was in American interest. The President accepted the same conditions which were necessary in the interest of the country.

In the meanwhile, Trump said in a press conference on Friday that he has a warm relationship with Kim. The US president said that if he takes such a step, then it will be astonishing for us. Trump said that the news that has just arrived is a conspiracy to defame Kim Jong. He said Kim offered a partial deal. The President clarified that he would not like to make mistakes similar to the previous administration.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures