The leader threatens inspector on cutting the challan -said,  I will get you suspended then the Sub Inspector said - I  am ...

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Actually, during the vehicle checking in front of Indore airport, the Congress leader clashed with the policemen. Sub Inspector Uzma Khan was checking there with Constable Ashish Soni and other policemen. During this time the challan was cut due to no helmet by the bike driver. The bike driver called and called Congress leader Devendra Singh Yadav there.

Congress leaders started showing arrogance

Congress leader Devendra Singh Yadav arrived there at 11.30 am. After that, the policemen started attacking. At first, the Congress leader started harassing the traffic police. In the viral video, you can hear how Netaji is telling the jawan that you do not have the strength to talk. I am telling you and you are telling me. On this, the policeman says that I am talking to you so politely, you are behaving indecently. The leader says that I will suspend you. There is a lot of debate between both of them.


Sub Inspector Uzma Khan arrived there after witnessing an argument with the policeman. She said that if you are talking about suspending, then go on Suspend, I will let everyone know. The Sub Inspector again says that Arif knows Akil and in response, the Congress leader says that yes, I know, he belongs to my family. The Sub Inspector says that I am the niece of Minister Arif Akil. Suspend me, I will also see.

At the same time, after the dispute escalated, the Congress leader complained to ASP Ranjit Singh Devke, then he sent DSP Hari Singh Raghuvanshi to the spot, after which the dispute was resolved.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures