The EC has objected Congress's advertisement about Rafale, Says case is now in Supreme court

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Now when preparations for the new Lok Sabha elections are being made in the entire country, which means that political parties will try different kinds of efforts to motivate voters during a month. BJP and entire opposition has girded up its loins.

The Election Commission is also in the strict mood and making every possible efforts to make the election fair. Now, after taking strict vigilance on many campaigns of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Election Commission has now adopted a tough stance on the Congress campaign. EC objected 6 out of 9 ads of Madhya Pradesh Congress, including a Rafale advertisement.

Because this case is now in the Supreme Court, so it is not right to use it in the election campaign. Madhya Pradesh Election Commission chief VLK Rao says that if a party has any objection to this order, then it can appeal for it.

Following Rafael issue, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has given a slogan "Chaukidar chor hai", and with that Congress is moving forward in the elections. Not only that Congress is being told that if their government is formed, then the party will examine the whole case cautiously.

It is noteworthy that the EC had lodged an objection even before the BJP's slogan 'Main bhi chaukidar.' In which 'Main bhi chaukidar' cup was being used in trains.

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