She called her neighbour home at night and doing this work, then suddenly her family reached home, then ...

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A sensational case has come to notice in a village in Dillari police station area. It is being told that the mother of two children, madly in love with the neighbour, conspired with her lover to kill the husband. Hearing the screams of the victim, family members rushed to the spot and apprehended the woman's lover, but during the quarrel, the accused escaped by getting a chance.


After the information, police reached the spot and took the injured person to the district hospital. Where his condition remains critical. Police are looking for the accused young man by registering a case against his wife and her lover. On the other hand, the wife has been arrested.

The incident is from village Burhanpur in Delari police station area of ​​Moradabad district. Gayur Ahmed, who lives in the village, cultivates farming. He was married to Anisha, a resident of Guldia Mafi village in Bilari police station area, about 7 years ago. They both have two children, five-year-old Wasim and three-year-old Faheem. After marriage, Anisha fell in love with a young man named Qasim, who was working as a carpenter in Saudi Arabia.

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SP Dehat Udayashankar told that Anisha conspired to murder husband Gayur in association with lover Kasim. As part of the conspiracy, Anisha mixes drugs with her husband at night. Later, as planned, the lover calls Kasim by phone. Qasim attacks Gayur's throat with a sharp weapon. Then the family members and other neighbours rushed to the spot after hearing the cry.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures