Sambit Patra- How did Robert Vadra become a Crorepati from Roadpati?

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra today has to be in front of the ED. In this way, the Bharatiya Janata Party has started attacks on Robert Vadra and the Congress party. In a press conference on Wednesday, the BJP leader said that there are two criminals posters outside Congress office today, these are the two criminals Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra.

Sambit Patra said that Robert Vadra purchased properties illegally in London, he had about 8-9 properties there. He said that Rahul Gandhi is out on bail, while Vadra is in the PMLA case. Patra said that corruption is in the Congress party's agenda.

Sambit patra alleged that the 8-9 properties of Vadra were found in London, one of them was commissioned for petroleum deal in 2009. Its shares were shared with the company Xitex Company in the Skylite Company.

He alleged that Vadra has a property in the route of Delhi's Mall, which few people know about. He said that this property is named after Jagdish Sharma, who is close to Vadra. This property was later given to MGR-MGF, which is accused in the Augusta Westland case.

Sambit Patra said that the war of 2019 is going to happen between the corrupt groups and the transparent rule. Congress have to tell that how a roadpati suddenly became a millionaire, Robert Vadra did not even have one lakh rupees during the opening of the company, but he is now the owner of crores property. Removing the poster does not diminish the sin.

Let us tell you that Robert Vadra will be present before ED in the money laundering case today. Earlier, some posters were outside the Congress headquarters in Delhi, which came to the headlines. These posters were a picture of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra.

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