Rahul made promises to ex-servicemen, if Government comes in ower, then he'll provide pension scheme

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi met retired army personnel on Saturday at party headquarters. There were discussions on this issue, ranging from Rafael Deals to One Rank One Pension (OROP).

In the meeting with the military personnel, the talk of 'misery' and 'deception' with the soldiers in the OROP was raised in the Rafael deal. Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the process for Rafael. Also, one rank one pension (OROP) was not implemented for the soldiers.

The Congress president said that Rs 1600 crores were given for Rafale's airplane, which is a very big example of corruption. He said that the government promised the OROP for the soldiers but could not complete it. If our government comes, then the pension scheme will be implemented for the soldiers.

The Congress President compared the OROP to the Rafael deal and said the government could give 30 billion rupees to AmbaniBut Rs 19 thousand crores are not being given for former army personnel. Regarding the meeting Rahul Gandhi told reporters, "There was a very positive meeting. Many things have been discussed seriously. The issue of OROP remains prominent in which soldiers say that the government has not started the One Rank One Pension Scheme so far.

Rahul Gandhi said, "Our soldiers are suffering due to the wrong strategy of the government in Jammu and Kashmir. Now the issue of Rafael Deal is capped. The soldiers have a special connection with it. The relationship is that the government can give 30 thousand crore rupees to Anil Ambani for not doing anything but can not give the OROP to the soldiers.'

Congress President Rafael has been protesting against the government for several days. He has also asked for PM Modi's resignation by describing this deal as a big corruption.

Congress President has said that PM Modi had come to power in the matter of corruption and he is now battling these allegations. They have been accused, they should speak on this matter. He said that if PM can not speak on this matter then he should resign.

According to Rahul Gandhi, the Rafael Deal is a case of corruption in the defense sector. Gradually, this deal is going on. In this matter, the Congress has demanded a probe by making a JPC, but the government is not prepared for it.

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