Rahul Gandhi created a new strategy to defeat Modi. He is following the path of grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi!

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Rahul Gandhi recently said in an interview that he will spoil PM Narendra Modi's image. Indeed, Rahul Gandhi has admitted that the image of PM Narendra Modi is very good in the public. Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said that Narendra Modi's strength is in his image, I will spoil him. I have even started doing this

Rahul Gandhi revealed his strategy.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is trying to spoil the image of PM Narendra Modi. In today's interview with INDIA TODAY, he has unveiled this strategy. He has started working on this strategy too. That means, whatever he had said on the Rafael Deal before the Lok Sabha election, was it a part of the strategy of spoiling the PM Modi's image? Does Rahul Gandhi think that someone's image without any kind of evidence can be spoiled? Probably not, not at all. If Someone image is not bad, it can not be spoiled even after a million attempts. Some similar efforts were made by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi but failed.

Rahul Gandhi has admitted that the image of Narendra Modi is his biggest strength.

Rahul Gandhi's grandmother, Indira Gandhi, tried her best to spoil the image of Loknayak Jay Prakash Narayan and Rajiv Gandhi spoiled the image of former Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh, However, they did not get success in this endeavour, and lost there throne. Indira Gandhi publicly accused that the person who gets himself on the money of the Capitalist, what will he charge me of corruption? her point was towards JP Narayan. The then prime minister Indira Gandhi was then alleged that she has given institutionalization of corruption in her government. In order to defend its corruption, Indira Gandhi then said that corruption is the world phenomenon that is in the whole world. That is, not only in India. In order to respond to Indira, JP had made the full account of her personal income-expenditure public.

JPNarayan had also said that if funding from the capitalists is corruption, Mahatma Gandhi will also come in the same category. Rajiv Gandhi has alleged that with the help of External Affairs Minister Narasimha Rao, Chandraswami and some officers, VP Singh's son Ajai Singh has a strategy to defame allegations. In fact, VP Singh had made the number of the bank account of the London branch of Swiss bank's Swiss bank broker of the Bofors scam, in which the brokerage money was deposited. An attempt was made to wrap VP Singh for this. A section of the media was supported. When the case of counterfeiters came in the fake account case in St. Kitts, everybody's condition worsened. If VP Singh did not go to the government, many people would have to go to jail. In the reign of Narasimha Rao, the case was reversed, just like the Bofors case was reversed.

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The way Rahul Gandhi is trying to spoil the image of PM Narendra Modi, through Rafael Deal, he is beginning to feel a shock. The Supreme Court has started hearing the wrong quote in this case. In Amethi, Rahul Gandhi went on to say that the Supreme Court has assumed that the watchman is a thief. But, now they are apologizing for saying this thing. In fact, in this case, they could not find any brokerage account like Quattrocchi's Swiss bank account. Rahul Gandhi is unable to prepare a lawyer like Kapil Sibal to file a public interest petition in this case. If they raise solid issues instead of spoiling the image, then the situation will definitely improve. Rahul is wasting his time just by making baseless allegations of someone else's image.

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