Pro Volleyball League: Kochi Blue Spikers beats Chennai Spartans, Made place in Playoffs

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Sports| Kochi Blue Spikers defeated Chennai Spartan 3-2 (12-15, 10-15, 15-11, 15-13, 15-10) on Monday in the playoff round of Rupay Pro Volleyball League. This is the second team to enter the playoffs of this league. Prabagaran S declared as the star of the match. He achieved 12 points for Kochi. Rudi Wiehoff, who took 20 points in this match, could not win his team.

Chennai had taken 4-2 lead in the first set. Kochi came back here and succeeds in making score equal. Chennai, however, went ahead with an 8-6 lead at the first time out. After the time out, Chennai pressurized and took 13-8 lead. Kochi narrowed the gap of points from here but Chennai managed to win the first set 15-12.

With the strong attack and defense in the second set, Chennai continued their dominance. Kochi was barely able to match her here. Chennai took the lead of 8-5 ahead of time. After returning from the time-out, they scored 12-7 and then took the set to 15-10.

In the third set, both the teams played the equalizer and the score was 4-4 at a time. The mistakes of Sorokins and Naveen Raj gave Kochi a chance to take the lead. In the time out they lead with the difference of four points. Kochi returned here and won the set from 15-11.

In the fourth set, Kochi made a 3-0 lead at the time but Chennai returned to a one-time score of 5-5. After this, both the teams scored a score of 7-7. Kochi has gained the edge here. However, Chennai managed to get a Super Point at the score of 7-9, and in the same fashion Kochi also got the Super Point. The team of Kochi was returning very interestingly and under this, they made it to the set 15-13 and made the match interesting.

The fifth set was a lot of fork, but both teams made many big mistakes in this set. After this Kochi team did not look back and won the match by winning the match 3-2 to make it 15-10. On Tuesday, the U Mumba Volley Team will face Black Hawks Hyderabad.

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