Poverty increased due to increased expenditure in health services, Globally 1 Billion people became extremely poor

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National| Global expenditure on healthcare is continuously increasing and due to its rapid growth, about 1 Billion people are going through deep poverty in the world every year. This is revealed in the World Health Organization (WHO) report and according to its report; the contribution of healthcare expenditure in global GDP is 10 per cent.

This report of the World Health Organization includes sources of expenditure on health care expenditure, people's own expenses and voluntary health care insurance, health program provided by the employer and activities of NGOs. World Health Organization's annual report 'Global Health Care Expenditure-2012' states that in the low and middle income countries, healthcare spending is increasing at an average rate of six per cent each year, whereas in high-income countries, as only 1 percent.

According to the WHO report, the government carries on average 51 per cent of the country's healthcare expenditure, whereas in every country, more than 35 per cent of the healthcare costs have to be borne by the people, resulting in around 10 crore (1 Billion) people are becoming victims of extreme poverty every year.

WHO's Director General Tedros Adhanom Gabreysas said in a statement that to achieve the goals of sustainable development related to universal health coverage, the increase in domestic expenditure is necessary. He said, but healthcare cost is not an expense. It is investment for poverty eradication, job creation, productivity, inclusive economic growth and more healthcare, safe and better society.

According to this report, the per capita government healthcare expenditure in the middle income countries has doubled compared to the year 2000. On average, in the low and middle income countries, the government spends $ 60 per person, while the government of high-middle-income countries spends $ 270 per person.

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