PM Narendra Modi on Rafael: Congress is against the Air Force and Army, Congress dosn't want to see Country growing

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Several party leaders, including Congress President Rahul Gandhi, have been constantly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but Modi has often avoided giving statements on Rafale. PM Modi strikes the Congress in Parliament on Thursday on the Rafael issue. Responding to the questions of opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge, the PM questioned why Congress wants to cancel the Rafael Deal and for whom . The PM said that the defense minister has given all the answers to this question. He alleged that Congress wants to weaken the air force.

Earlier, the leader of the opposition on the President's address Mallikarjun Kharge had said that the PM should answer on the Rafael Deal. In response, the PM said that Congress should tell it that why Congress wants to cancel Rafael and for whom. He said that you behave like this with the army of the country. You have kept the army unarmed for 30 years. Modi said that the Congress governments have a history of brokerage in defense deals. These people also speak lies with confidence because they believe that even in the last 55 years, no defense deal has been done without the brokerage.

With this, he also raised the issue of the entire army. Modi, while targeting the Congress, Modi said that you talk of a surgical strike but you dropped the morale of the army. Things were such that who ordered them to surgical strike because they did not even have bulletproof jackets. They did not have shoes, PM alleged that the Congress government defamed its own army that the army wanted to coup. This was never before in India.

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