Pak PM Imran wants the Modi government to come again in India - if BJP comes to power then ...

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Pak PM Imran wants Modi government again

Voting starts tomorrow for the Lok Sabha Elections -2019 under Mission-2013. It is expected that more and more people will take part in this general election -2019 and make the right use of their votes. This will create a good government in the country. In such a situation, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has also made a big statement about India's election. Indeed, he wants that once again PM Narendra Modi becomes the government of India.

Imran Khan speaks on Section 370

Pakistan's PM Imran said about Section 370 that BJP has announced to snatch decades old privilege (Section 370 and 35A) from the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which prevents outsiders from buying property. This is a matter of great concern. Imran Khan further said that although this election can also be done.

Imran Khan's big statement about becoming BJP's government

Imran Khan, on Article 370, expressed concern over one side. On the other hand, he also praised the Modi government and, giving a big statement, said, "If BJP comes to power then this will be the best time for peace talks with India, even if the next government in India is led by Congress It is difficult to negotiate with Pakistan on Kashmir and other matters. "

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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