LIVE: Earthquake hits in Jammu and Kashmir, 4.6 magnitude on the Richter scale, no loss and damage reported

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Jammu Kashmir felt the shiver of earth, as an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 hits the J&K. Earthquake shocks were felt in the Jammu and Kashmir region at 8.22 in the morning. It was a moderate intensity earthquake occurred there in early hours of today. There is no news of any loss of life or property due to the earthquake.

One reason for this is that the intensity of earthquake was also low on the Richter scale. The situation is normal at the moment.

IIT Roorkee created Warning System before the earthquake came.

Scientists of IIT Roorkee claim that they have developed a system that will warn you of earthquake one minute prior to the earthquake; people can get information about it. In some areas of Uttarakhand, a system has already been installed in which there are network sensors that identify earthquake waves are passing through the earth's layers after earthquake.

IIT Roorkee Professor Mukal Lal Sharma told the news agency PTI that in the current time, the technology used to predict earthquakes does not really work. People try to guess it on the basis of statistical calculation, but there are no known methods so far, they are not accurate.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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