International Epilepsy Day: More than illness, society becomes the cause of the death of patients

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International Epilepsy Day is celebrated today on Monday. In medical science, epilepsy is also called neurological disorder or seizure disorder, it is a disorder that occurs when the nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, which can cause fits or seizures. In India, there are about 25 million people suffering from this disease. Despite this, there is no treatment available due to various misconceptions about people who suffer from epilepsy. Experts believe that due to these misconceptions patients of epilepsy are victims of death. If the person does not pay attention to these meaningless things, the person can take timely treatment.

Dr. Daljeet Singh, expert of GB Pant Hospital, Delhi Government, says that social exclusion of patients suffering from epilepsy should not be boycotted. Hundreds of patients are suffering because of wrong information. A lack of awareness is increasing the complications associated with the treatment of these patients. At the same time, Dr. Ashutosh Gupta, neurologist of the Agrasen Hospital says that international epilepsy day is celebrated so that the problems of the patients can be underlined and treated. It is very important for people to get awareness about the disease.

This is how the patient suffers!

Dr Shruti Jain of Jaipur Golden Hospital located in Rohini, citing some case studies, points out that epilepsy is a cerebral-related disease, which has frequent seizures. Their duration is not high. When the neural cells of the brain release electrical charges at a fast pace, this causes electrical storms, ie, seizures. People who suffer from epilepsy should not hide their situation.

Making video is necessary

Doctors say that patients with epilepsy should also be fully informed about the disease. If someone has trouble getting the seizures, then his family should immediately make the video during the suffering of the patient on the mobile phone. The doctor who treats the patient through this video can easily find the condition of the patient.

80 percent of patients are getting medicines

Dr. Daljeet Singh of GB Pant Hospital says that due to injury, road accident or any type of infection at birth, there may be problems in seizures. As new techniques have come into the medical field, treatment has now become easier. So nearly 80 percent of patients who are in Delhi hospitals are recovering from medicines. Very few patients require surgery or other treatment.

Keep this kind of caution

Doctors say that if someone is diagnosed with epilepsy then it is important that nothing should be given in the patient’s mouth during seizures. Lay the patient down or try to limit their physical activities. Strive to force open the teeth. Bring shoes, slippers or onions near the nose. Also there should not be heavy objects around the patient

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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