In Winning Gorakhpur for BJP, Yogi Adityanath Could Lose Hard-Won Ground!!

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National(political): The election war of 2019 is in its final phase. Now after the announcement of voting dates, the full focus of the parties is on ticket distribution. It is also a round of meetings for all parties. Especially after Uttar Pradesh's arrangement of tickets, it seems to be a bit challenging. In front of opposition unity, a new strategy is being pursued within the Bharatiya Janata Party.

It is being told that in most UP seats 80 seats, BJP can cut tickets for more than 2 dozen MPs. The interesting thing is that the Yogi Government Ministers can be dropped in the electoral field instead. Actually, there is a great reason behind this. According to sources, BJP has done many surveys, in which it has come to the conclusion that Modi wins in wave, there is a lot of opposition in the public against most MPs. That is, people are not like their MP. In such a situation, it has become almost the consensus within the party that the MP who has not been satisfactory or who is not popular among the people in his parliamentary constituency will not be given a ticket again.

More tickets can be cut on safe seats:

Most of the questions are being raised about those whose questions are being asked, who came from other parties and won elections in 2014. Apart from these, most of the MPs of reserved seats are also being told in this category.

These Yogi Ministers can fight Lok Sabha elections:

It is believed that the BJP can take 10-12 ministers of the Yogi Government to contest the elections. According to party sources, there are many such names, including Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Brajesh Pathak, Swami Prasad Maurya, Dara Singh Chauhan, SP Singh Baghel, who can move to the election grounds. It is also information that in the next two-three days, BJP can announce the candidates of the first and second phase. It is believed that the party will give all its candidates more time to campaign for more than a month.

Several Surveys conducted by BJP:

The BJP has done a number of surveys about the Lok Sabha elections. In addition to the survey done on Namo App, RSS has conducted surveys on its behalf. While most of the MPs' feedback has been sent separately to Amit Shah, the National President of the party. Apart from this, some agencies have also done surveys for BJP. In all these surveys, one thing is coming out that if the BJP is to win Uttar Pradesh then the MPs who have anti incompression against them will have to cancel the ticket. It is to be seen now which BJP MPs lose their ticket. There is a voting in all seven phases in UP. Under the first phase, voting will be held on April 11 in eight eight seats in western UP.

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