Hyderabad embarrassed: Assassinated after raping female doctor and burnt corpse

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News has emerged from Hyderabad in Telangana that your soul will tremble upon hearing it. A burnt corpse of a female doctor has been found here. A lady Veterinary doctor went from her home Shamshabad to the Veterinary Hospital in Kolluru. When she was returning from there, at around 6 pm, her scooty was punctured near the toll plaza.


After the scooty puncture, the lady doctor called her home and informed her sister. The lady doctor told her sister that she is afraid. At this, his sister advised him to go back to the toll plaza and come by cab. During this time the doctor told me that there are some people here who are offering her help and she calls after a while.

After this, Priyanka disconnected the phone. Then Priyanka's phone switched off. In the morning, police find a burnt body which is like a female doctor. After this, the matter started trending on social media. After Priyanka's phone call, her family members searched her near Shadnagar toll plaza, but she was not found. The morning after, his burnt corpse was found near the underpass.

A mechanic who works at a puncture shop nearby said that a boy came to him with scooty at around 9.30 pm. After this, he left Scooty and left. After this, the police have started investigating by registering a case of murder. Hyderabad police are also searching for CCTV footage.

Shamsabad Deputy Commissioner Prakash Reddy said that the unidentified person may have killed the woman and set her body on fire. Because of all these aspects, an investigation is being done. At the same time, the Cyber ​​Police Commissioner said that given the circumstances in the case, it seems that the woman is raped and later murdered.

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