‘Honest people believes Modi, only corrupted people have problem with Modi’- Prime Minister

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Hubli| There is still some time remaining for the announcement of the dates of the Lok Sabha elections, but the electoral rallies have completely polled the atmosphere. On the 'Mission South', Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed rallies in 12 hours and three states on Sunday and during this time he targeted the Opposition and the Congress.

While addressing the rally in Hubli, the Prime Minister first paid tribute to Sivakumar Swami Ji ofSree Siddaganga Mutt. The Prime Minister said that in the last four and a half years we have been working for the development of everyone, and 1.5 crore people of villages and cities have got homes under the Prime Minister's housing scheme.

Modi, while addressing the Congress, PM Modi said, “The last Central Government, sanctioned only 13 lakh houses in the urban areas for the poor in 10 years. With 8 lakhs were complete. Our government has sanctioned 73 lakh urban housing, out of which 15 lakh have been prepared and 39 lakh houses are in full swing. According to the speed at which the previous government was building the house, it would take 40-50 years to build the houses we have built. We have done this work only in 55 months.”

Meanwhile, Modi, without naming Robert Vadra, said, "Your Prime Minister is removing middlemen from the way. The honest person has faith in Modi. The one who is corrupted is suffering because of Modi. People, who were afraid to talk about their earnings, are now answeing the questions of the agencies in the court, accounting for the ‘benami’ properties in country and abroad. Ration of the poor of the country, land of the poor farmer, or the deals related to the defense of the country, got its turn one by one. These people do not even leave the farmers. In Karnataka, the farmers' debt waiver was promised, so far the debt waiver of many people.

He said that Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is being used as a 'punching bag' in the alliance of the coalition government in the state. The Prime Minister said, "The full power of the Chief Minister is engaged in saving his chair from the big leaders of the Congress. They publicly cry for their compulsion. Such a forced chief minister, who is being challenged by everyone. Sometimes it also seems that who is the incharge of this government?”

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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