Happy New Year: this New Year Railway will give this surprise to you, make your journey convenient

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National| Everyday millions of people travel by Indian Railways. Railways make necessary changes from time to time to make the journey of their passengers more convenient. In this episode, the railway is preparing to give some passengers some of the best gifts, which will start in the New Year. Here we are going to tell you about the facilities that the railway is going to start in 2019.

1. Train- 18: with investing 100 crores, this train is the fastest train in the country. Although it is being operated from December 29, 2018, it should also be considered as Railway's New Year gift. This train will run between Varanasi and Delhi. After departing from Delhi at 6 a.m., the train will reach at Varanasi at 2 pm.

2. In the New Year, passengers can also enjoy shopping with railroad train. Though this facility is currently being started in two trains running in Mumbai Zone of Western Railway, but if it succeeds, this scheme will be started in other trains.

3. It is expanding the facilities in trains for women and elderly travelers. The elderly or lady passenger who travels alone with this railway scheme will enjoy a comfortable journey. Railway has increased the quota of lower berths for senior citizens and women travelers in trains like Mail, Express, Rajdhani and Duronto. At present, 12 lower berths have been fixed in the sleeping class of sleeping train, AC-3 tier and AC-2 tier for senior people, women aged 45 years and above and pregnant women. The number of reserved seats for them in the capital, Duronto and other fully air-conditioned express trains is seven.

4. TTE will have a hand-held machine from the New Year. Order wise, passengers' waiting or RAC, will get the seat. TTE will have a notepad-sized machine, which will connect to the main server of the internet and railway. After this facility starts, travelers can expect that their waiting ticket will be confirmed.

5. In order to downgrade Delhi from Kanpur, a high speed train will run between Ghaziabad and Kanpur. This train can be run in April next year.

6. New Year Railway will give 40% discount to train ticket booking to third Gender. Third gender of the age group of more than 60 years will get the convenience and priority of senior citizen quota.

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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