Good news for the farmers, 'Near normal' Monsoon in India This Year

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Good news for the farmers of the country is that this year Monsoon (Monsoon 2019 Forecast) will be favorable for them and rainfall between June and September is likely to be near-normal. Meteorological Department Director-General KJ Ramesh told about the South West Monsoon, this time the monsoon 2019 Forecast is likely to be normal. The south-west monsoon season of 2019 is expected to be good for farmers in terms of food production.

“India is going to have a near-normal monsoon in 2019 as the south-west monsoon is likely to be normal," said M Rajeevan Nair, Secretary Ministry of Earth Sciences.

“El Nino will start weakening by June, which will ensure that good rainfall is not affected," explained Nair.

In the forecasts of the private agency Skymate, it was said that there is likely to be normal rains throughout the season in Odisha, Chhattisgarh and coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Rajeevan Nair said that the long-term average is expected to be 96 percent. LPA is the average rainfall in the season between 1951 and 2000, which is 89 cm.

Skymet CEO Jatin Singh said that in June, 77 percent of LPA can be seen, while LPA 91 percent of rainfall in July. Singh said that according to the forecast, there is likely to be less rainfall than normal in June and July. LPA can have 102 percent and 99 percent rainfall in August and September.

Chairman of SkyMate (Meteorology and Climate Change) Air Vice Marshal (retired) G.P. Sharma said that El Nino has an impact on the monsoon. He said, "The Pacific Ocean has become hotter than the average. During the March-May, there is 80 percent probability of El Nino, which is less than 60 percent from June to August. "

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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