Congress raises doubt on 'mysterious black box' in Prime Minister's helicopter

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Congress demanded an inquiry into the matter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi carrying a 'suspicious black box' allegedly in his helicopter during Chitradurga tour of Karnataka on Sunday. Congress spokesman Anand Sharma said the party’s Karnataka unit has already filed a complaint with the Election Commission in this regard. He said that the EC should examine the contents of the box. PM Modi addressed a rally in Chitradurga, Karnataka on 9th April.

He alleged, 'We saw that 3 more helicopters were flying with the Prime Minister's helicopter. After landing, a black trunk was removed and he was taken from a private car, which was not part of SPG's convoy. '

Sharma asked, 'what was in the box? If there was no cash in it then it should be investigated. ' The party also launched a video clip, in which the box was removed from the helicopter of PM and was loaded into a private Innova car and taken somewhere. Sharma has alleged that Innova SPG was not part of the convoy.

The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president tweeted the video saying that the Congress has complained to the Election Commission. "A mysterious box was unloaded from PM Modi’s helicopter at Chitradurga yesterday and loaded into a private Innova which quickly sped away. The #ElectionCommission should enquire into what was in the box and to whom the vehicle belonged."

Rajasthan Tourism App - Welcomes to the land of Sun, Sand and adventures


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